Sunday, April 25, 2010

Learning a new skill & giving back

At the beginning of the year I posted about some skills that I wanted to learn. I have started towards some of them and made leaps at others. I have learnt a bit more than canning, have a full vegetable garden in Autumn which will produce in Winter, I have eliminated shop bought cans in our home, but one skill still making me a little nervous was knitting.

Way back when I was a starry eye newly wed I decided to knit Superman a jersey. It got about 10 rows into the front and never grew further. That was the last time I knitted - almost 20 yrs ago!

Enlisting the help of an avid and talent knitter we had a little knitting session. She showed me how to hold my wool correctly so that knitting goes much smoother.

The purpose of learning to knit is not for our own purposes, rather my girls want to knit for others. In December I heard about the KNIT A SQUARE organization which really is just a group of people who have a burden for the Aids orphans in South Africa. Sandy started her work as a way to get people around the world to knit 20cmX20cm squares and send them in to a collection point in JHB. These squares are then sewn into blankets for the little ones in creches, orphanages and homes across Southern Africa.

Shirley kindly kick started us towards our goal of 100 squares in 2010 by giving us 9 that she had done. So far I have churned out 2 squares which I do while watching TV in the evening. The girls knit while I read to them at school time.

So often we need to learn a skill that can improve the lives of our own family, and I feel so priviledged to be able to use this new skill to improve the lives of others in my country. Such a small thing a couple of knitted squares, but all sewn together with worldwide contributions, can mean so much to someone else.


Lois Evensen said...

Beautiful. Yes, it is so good to be able to share our talents and produce something to help others. Good for you! Your blog is a reminder to others to do the same.

Lois in Cincinnati, USA

Tanya said...

These are an ideal project for learners as you keep you interest up and the task isn't insummountable

sandy said...

It is so encouraging to read a blog post like this. Thank you Wendy for posting about knit-a-square. 100 squares is fabulous. Also great to have folk in SA contributing too. Thank you so much, Sandy

Anonymous said...

Well done Wendy on your squares so far!Love your blog my friend. I love popping and living my veggie dreams through your garden:o)