Thursday, May 19, 2011

Days rolling by....

I thought I would share what has been happening in my world over the last while. Most of it is food related...

We are very focused in the home on our daughter's Cambridge exams but in between I have been trying some new things.

I am nearly finished my daughter's beanie for winter.

For the last 5 weeks I have been getting 6 liters of raw milk which I am processing into yoghurt every second week and then into cream cheese before the next batch of milk comes in.

Other weeks I try to use the milk in puddings but this past week I made ricotta cheese.

It produced a lot of whey which I am using in different ways. One way is to make a sour dough rye starter. I will do a proper post on that soon (when I know it works!)

This was the 3rd day...

This was today....the yeasts are going wild!

I am still making stocks...beef and chicken. I now make enough for 2 weeks at a time.
These go into soups, stews, mince dishes and wherever I can find. Good for the bones! (more on my bones in another post too!)

I also used the whey to make oats the following morning. I used our last frozen strawberries to make a sweet sauce to go on the oatmeal and toasted some flaked almonds for a crunchy addition!

And lastly, my new chickens are laying so well. You can see my old girls egg there, the rest are from the new ones. Every second day we get 4 eggs and every first 2 so they are all firing!

Well, thats all folks!


Mandy said...

hi there, I love your blog, thanks for all the facts, hints and tips that you so freely share. We live near you, in Meadowridge! A question, where do you get your raw milk from? Thanks, Mandy

Linnie said...

Wow, Wendy, I just love this posting! It is so nice to read about all the news things you are doing. May I add, I'm so jealous (in a nice way) on the raw milk!
Hope to see you soon!

africanaussie said...

I keep saying I am going to try making some cheese, your ricotta looks marvelous. Do you put the whey into your stock?

Wendy said...

Hey everyone!

Mandy and Linnie I get my raw milk from the Ethical Co-op. You can create a standing order with them and they deliver to your door on thurs or you can collect.

AfricanAussie, no I didn't use it in my stock, but have just finished using up 3 litres in many strange "wheys"!

Lizanne said...

i wish i had the time to do all this... i am hoping as my son grows i may again have time to do most things from scratch. might just use my slow cooker for stock you just store it in jars? or do you freeze it?

Christine said...

Great goings on, Wendy. Your girl's egg looks just like the one we had last week!

How lucky you are to have raw milk coming in and your knitting is looking just wonderful! :)

Lois Evensen said...

What a great update. The cheese looks especially wonderful. :)))


Wendy said...

Thanks Christine and Loise.

Lizanne, I go through the stock so fast that I store it in jars in teh fridge. If you go through less, then freezing would be a good option.

Romany said...

Hi there,

I HE'd my kids too. My son went through the CIE exams last summer but has now moved on to college to do A Levels. I didn't know that SA home educators used those exams.

It was probably the most stressful part of our HE journey, the exam-taking. I am so glad it's behind us. However, now we are at the researching degree courses and uuniversity applications stage, which is probably just as bad!

I'm enjoying your blog and the photos.

Anonymous said...

Wendy, Where are you ordering your raw milk from? Do you bother to pasteurise it at home before drinking? Or is it safe to drink raw?