Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tree hugging :-)

Yesterday my older daughter forwarded an email to me which was an invite to help plant trees in Tokai. Deep inside me I know that I am a tree hugger...and I know others who are too. So despite the fact that we had planned a morning in the garden - peas need to be staked, aphids on my broad beans need to be sprayed, beds need to be weeded, leaves need to be swept - we took our trusty spades and watering cans and headed to the forest wiht some friends.

To be honest, it's not a forest like many in the Northern Hemisphere would identify as a forest. These are pine plantations which are being harvested after 100 years. It has been a source of contention between the mountain bikers, nature conservationists, greenies and SAPPI for a good few years now.

We have walked and picnicked in these plantations for the last 12 years, mountain biked in the higher forests and have been so saddened to see the destruction of these pine woods due to the felling of the trees. The good thing is that the Fynbos (Fine Bush) which is the natural flora of the Western Cape will be rejuvenated and that the felling is being done in stages.

Todays efforts were to plant a row of trees on both sides of the walkway to offer future shade when the pines go. These trees are all indigenous and were all waiting for us as we arrived. We took along our friend who is here from Massachusets for 3 years studying at Bible college, and his first words were that this is like no forest he has ever seen.

Everyone did their bit...

Water is fetched African style, from a tank with buckets. I watched from the side and fetched water....can't dig...back doesn't allow it....

So our garden has to wait for another day, but it is good to know that in a couple of years time when I take my grandchildren for a walk in Tokai, I can tell them about when their moms and dads where little and planted these trees they see today.

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Lois Evensen said...

That was fun, but I am sure my back wouldn't have liked it either!