Monday, August 13, 2012

Simple Green Living is sold

Dear Followers, 

Simple Green Living is sold.This website was a wonderful way to get a message out that we need not be weird and whacky to be green, just by making some simple choices in your home and the way you live and the choices you make.

It has however got to the stage that there are just too many distractions for me to actually achieve what I want in my life, family and home. The biggest thing is spending more time in the Word of God and not having my afternoons and weekends so limited by online work.

You see, I have 3 other websites and an offline business to attend to, so as these are priorities I need to let go of what is not.

With the site goes the Facebook group and also the Facebook account which I only used in a professional capacity. But FB is not a place I want to spend anytime in, I rather want to be living life fully with my Lord and family. 

So the man who is buying my site will continue the group, if you want to stay. 

Please remember that you can always follow my blog if you don’t already via email or if you are a blogger yourself. I love hearing from you there!

Kind regards


Joyfulmama said...

Hi Wendy

You once posted a recipe for oats in the slow cooker. I've searched for it all over your blog, but can't find it. Will you kindly point me in the right direction?? Thanks, Grietjie

Urban Homestead South Africa said...

Hi Grietjie, here you go: