Sunday, August 19, 2012

The garden pantry

It's so exciting to see the winter crops come into full production. While we have been eating Asian Greens, spinach, broccoli and peas for a while we now have the long awaited broad beans making their appearance.

There are loads of pods on the plants, and even though many were damaged in the storms of the last weeks, we will have plenty on our dinner table over the next while.

The last of our beets are big enough to harvest now so we will clear this bed out this week so that I can plant the last spinach of the season which should see us to December. A nice bowl of steam baby beets will go down well with a roast chicken this week. I also use the leaves like spinach, so perhaps a spinach and feta pie will be on the menu?

 The last purple broccoli is waiting to be picked, we still have some of the sprouting variety so these two combined will go into a pasta or broccoli cheese for a meal.

 Peas are nice and fat in their pods and we have mange tout for salads at the moment. I am also harvesting the pea sprouts that we planted in our asparagus  beds for salads.

And then our shy Mary Washington asparagus is arriving. We have about 10 spears in different stages peeping through and will make a lovely hors d'oeuvre one evening. In the book "Animal Vegetable Miracle" they talk about asparagus being the first sign of spring...this may well be but it is still freezing here.

Our herbs of coriander, majorum, celery, origanum, rosemary and thyme have been used heavily this winter. I also have a Bay tree but it is infested with it is being is actually in the wrong place anyway. Today I planted a new Bay in a pot and put Penny Royal and Thyme at the base. I need to rethink all the herbs I do have growing as I use so much of them that I need to allocated more space....time to plan!

What's growing in your garden?


Linn said...

Its great to be able to pick fresh greens every day! We have been doing the same with heaps of lettuce and spinach. Our broccoli is not yet ready as we were late with our autumn planting.

Homeschool 4 Muslims said...

i m in jhb, and new to gardening of edible type. i like how you are growing yr veggies and i want to slowly get there. i was wondering if you know of any website etc that can help me about what to plant when etc. depending on Johannesburg's weather? and what is yr advise on getting started? which plants should i get started with?


Bull Yard said...

Hi, I know this have nothing to do with this post. But want to ask, I want to make home made soap next month, but don't know where to find caustic soda. any advice?

Urban Homestead South Africa said...

Hi Linn great that you can get in another planting in the northern hemisphere.
HS4M- I will add some more new gardeners tips but it's all about the soil! Feed it from now until you start sowing in September with compost and manure!
Bullyard -
Caustic Soda can be bought at any hardware store even pick n pay sells it n the drain cleaner section.

Anonymous said...

Hi it's lovely to see what you are harvesting on the other side of the world. It is nearly autumn here in the UK