Saturday, August 11, 2012

Spring planning and preparation

Today feels like the furtherest from Spring than we will ever be with a wild Cape storm that started in the night. Freezing cold temperatures, hail, wind, rain - we have it all.

But I know that spring will come by surprise one day because my one asparagus plant is already sending up spears!

Yesterday I took out all my seeds that I have collected over the years and went through them to see what I can plant when over the next few months. While the kids each made their allocated stash of newspaper pots (up to about 100 now!) I got rid of ones that were expired and seperated the others into what can be planted in August, September and October.

Ones that have to go into the ground directly like beans I will wait for spring to truly be here before they go into beds. But all the others that enjoy being transplanted like tomatoes will go into the pots.

Seeds collected over the years and some new heirlooms bought in the UK recently job down, so many to go!
Then later in the day a surprise was waiting for me at the post office. I ordered some organic seed from the Pasadena Urban Homestead and they arrived just in time...I am so excited about these cucumbers.

I am also so grateful for our friend Des, who came to dig in all the compost and prepare the first planting areas. These two areas are in complete shade during winter so as the earth turns they will be ready for planting up as soon as the outdoor temps rise a little.

Dug over, composted and ready for plants

We grow corn and trailing squash here to maximise space.

So one step closer to being ready for spring. How are your plans coming?


Ellie said...

We're still in mid summer here in Toronto, Canada. However, I have recently seeded some kale, salad greens and green beans for a second round that will take advantage of the cooler all temperatures when they come in a few weeks. I also hope to start up some more spinach. I love your blog and have been following it daily for a number of years. The transformation of your whole property into a garden has been amazing to follow! Way to go!

Crystal said...

Everything looks great. I'm so excited for spring. Although I have managed to grow a lot over this winter, spring will be my first proper growing season since I started this journey. Your blog has been a huge inspiration, I always come back to it when I need a bit of guidance.

Urban Homestead South Africa said...

Hi Ellie, thanks for your kind comments and all the best on your autumn garden.

Crystal, its so exciting to see more people starting to grow their own veggies. Such a rewarding thing to do!

Shells said...

Oooh that looks so exciting, freshly turned over earth, ready to start planting and growing. Rocket has taken over my little beds so I am going to harvest for some pesto then I need to get started in anticipation of spring...thanks for inspiration ;-)

Christine said...

I love seeing your trellises again, Wendy - you've totally inspired me to make some out of the fallen branches on our property, thankyou!

Plans for new seasons growing are going slow...the weather is still cold and blustery but maybe those tomato seeds should be started off inside anyway.. :)

Kelly-Anne said...

We're spending every spare moment in our garden. Starting from scratch is hard work but we can already enjoy some fruits of our labor...

Can't wait for Spring!!!