Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Delights of seasonal eating

Tonight found me enjoying a seasonal bag from our organic food suppliers where I buy our raw milk.  I saw that they had squash flowers for sale this week and promptly bought 3 bags. These were stuffed with a little mozarella and fried....

Beautiful squash flowers

I don't deep fry, just batter and fry in a little olive oil
Just had to check if they were good to eat!
Also in the bag was asparagus which I dry fried and sprinkled with salt, pepper, lemon juice and parmesan.

ThenI made a batch of chicken meatballs and put them in a Italian herby tomato sauce....

Chicken meatballs.

Also in the bag today was some beetroot which once boiled soft was drizzled with olive oil, basalmic vinegar, salt pepper and garlic.

A delicious, quick, easy seasonal meal.

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Margo said...

Lovely. Thank you!