Monday, December 24, 2012

Surprise harvests

Despite feeling quite overwhelmed with the amount of weeds that have come up with the last batch of manure added to the compost we have been enjoying some harvests from our garden.

The garden itself is quite overgrown and I haven't had a chace to stake the tomatoes and train creeping cucumbers and squash so we have to look hard to find the fruits of the plants.

Here are some things we are enjoying from the garden now...

Roast vegetables appear often with our courgettes

Berry and wheatgrass smoothies. Raspberries not ours.

Lemon Cucumbers - delicious
Aubergine in flower
Corn on the menu
Green beans by the ton!
So many cherry tomatoes

Not on the menu - Tiffany - the garden cat
Still to come, colorful trailing squash

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Anonymous said...

Your blog is absolutely wonderful! I am really inspired for us to make more effort to grow seasonal vegetables. Your garden is so successful and your produce looks healthy and in very good condition. I am going to look at what winter seedlings I can plant in our region, as we get a lot of frost. Ann - Australia