Friday, July 5, 2013

And along came love...

A very special friend warmed this family's hearts with a beautifully cooked meal this week to just give us a breather from the chaos...with wine, pudding, candle and centrepiece we were so blessed by this gift.

Another close friend is having us for lasagne tomorrow and allowed my daughter, who was having baking withdrawal symptoms to bake in her oven. This same friend made me roast chicken a few weeks ago.

Sometime when we feel we are battling along alone we forget there is always a loving hand willing to step up and make things just a little easier.

Thank you, both of you. XX

My new SMEG going in...can't wait to cook on it!
On a kitchen note...this week they started installing the cupboard carcasses. Next weeks sees the finish of this, the installation of the granite and wood surfaces, the cupboard doors and painting thereof and we should be done in two weeks time...yeeehaaa! 7 weeks of no kitchen and 2 to go...we can do this!


Lois Evensen said...

Wow, what a project!

Patty@inStitches said...

Your kitchen remodel reminds me of the one we did years ago - unintenionally! All I wanted was a cabinet moved out of the way so I could paint the wall behind it, and lay the floor tile under it. In the process of moving it my husband discovered rotting water pipes and decided to tear out the whole thing to fix the plumbing. And order new cabinets. And a new sink. I had no running water, no microwave, no crockpot. I cooked three meals a day for five of us in an electric skillet and did dishes in a bucket. The sink didn't come in. A one day project turned into 4 weeks with three little kids underfoot. Ah-hh the memories! And the marriage lasted!