Friday, July 12, 2013

Around the Urban Homestead

We have had some unseasonably warm days this week with temperatures in the middle 20's. It was the perfect excuse to give some loving attention to my neglected garden. The problem was that the seedlings I had started about 6 weeks ago had been munched by garden critters and what survived were covered in builder's dust.

Time for a visit to the nursery for some instant gardening delight. I haven't done this for such a long time as it seems to be such a waste of money to buy punets of 6 seedlings for the same price as a packet of seeds which can give me 100's of plants...but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Loaded up with cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, red onions and carrots I trundled my way hope to my eager and waiting gardeners...not! Mmh the kids have been on holiday far too long and motivation to work in the garden runs at an all time low.

However, we did get the planting done and providing the cats don't dig them up and the garden critters don't chomp them we enjoyed the instant gardening days.

Here are some pics:

Red onions

Spinach and Cavolo Nero - these were grown from seed
Broad Beans in their winter glory - also grown from seed
Tiffany, garden companion and sun lover
This is the Stagshorn fern that I have just inherited from my mom. My folks have moved into a smaller retirement village and there were many garden pots, water features and more that my lovely mum handed on to me.

The Stagshorn take the prize though and it is a true garden family heirloom as I have watched it grow from the early 80's and move around the country with them.

It is the most delightful plant and such a welcome addition to our home.

On the renovation front, my pantry is done and I am so delighted with it! The cupboard carcasses are in and next week the doors (which are being hand painted) arrive as do the granite and wood counters.

We bargain on another 2 weeks before we can say the kitchen is operational again.

Pantry all ready for stock piling...can't wait!
My Superman has overseen every detail with the builders to make sure that what I wanted was done just right. My mind muddles with the mm's and finishes, heights and widths that were needed...but what I visualised is now coming to pass. Such a man he is!

I took this last photo because I am so pleased with our choice for the wood counter. This is an African wood called "Kiaat" and I particularly liked the white blaze in it but it seems that may be lost with the final cutting.

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