Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Creating waste

One of the things that have been a concern to me is how much plastic I throw away to end up in a landfill and pollute the earth for years to come.

We have done so much to reduce our waste from an overflowing bin on bin collection day to now throwing away one bag a week.

Tonight I went into my veggie garden to see what was ready to eat, this is what I found:

So I made what I could with it...we had carrots to snack on while cooking, salsa using the tomatoes, chillies and coriander. Hamburger patties (we have an organic butcher) with the celery in it, corn on the cob and for pudding my favorite - Jamie Oliver's Crème Brule with rhubarb. Delicious.

And besides for one small plstic bag that the mince came in there was NO other waste besides the biodegradable waste for my compost heap:

I suppose this is what you call ethical eating - LoL! Either way it was great to eat from my garden again.

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ATW said...

It's a good feeling when you recycle your waste products and leave very little. I went shopping the other day and we picked up paper bags with our groceries. The paper bags came in handy when I layered my raised beds yesterday. Good Job and interesting post