Sunday, March 15, 2009

Update on our second area

I figure I haven't spent much time showing what is going on in the second area we cleared late last here goes:

We started by planting corn, sweet potatoes, potatoes, berries and patty pans.

Our corn has done well despite the chickens trampling it as young shoots.

Our sweet potatoes are quite invasive spreading everywhere, and their leaves have been "laced" by a bug or sorts - better find out what it is!

Our patty pans were attacked with mildew as well - by the way...a solution of vinegar, water and dishwashing liquid solves mildew - (250ml vinegar, 5l water and a squirt of DW liquid sprayed in a fine mist over the leaves and soil around the plants a few days in a row).

Berries will probably only flower next year.

Our potatoes plants are doing what they must do - dying and looking really scraggly, but when they are all brown we should have some great spuds for winter harvest!


Anonymous said...

How do you know when to pull your potatoes up?

Wendy said...


When the tops are pretty much dead, you can feel for the size of the tubers and determine whether they are the right size for you.

You can leave them in the ground for a while and they will continue to grow.

Dr Wh said...

thanks for the post on the sweet potatos-really helpful!!!