Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to use up 9 litres of milk

We came away from meeting Clover with 9 litres of milk so this is how we used it up...

Milk Tarts 2 litres

Yoghurt 4 litres
Bring the milk to the boil. Do not allow the bottom to catch. Remove from heat and cool until you can hold your baby finger in it for 10 sec. Then stir in 1 small container organic yoghurt with live cultures. Pour into sterilized jars.

Place in a cooler box and cover with a warm blanket. Leave over night in sealed box.

Cream Cheese 2 litre

Take the youghurt and hang in a fine weave clothe for the whey to drip off.

Voila - cream cheese - divine for cheese cake or dips. Mix with some avo or spring onions or pepperdews on toast!

Cheese sauce 500ml

Pancakes 500ml
(next day for lunch!)

Potatoes bakes (not photographed)

My youngest helped me with the stirring!


Merinda said...

Njammies Wendy!

You're a real Proverbs 31 women!

I'm drooling all over the place... I'm enjoying your blob tremendously, you're a big inspiration for me.

Lots of love

The Family said...

my wife is stoked with the yogurt recipe.well done to you guys and dont stop.Check out our blog at