Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last stop - visiting Sally

Sally is a homeschool mum, like me but she has been working as well over the last few months. Her hubby is a wonderful support and took over some of the schooling while she had to work. Her family works like a team and after a busy day we enjoyed a braai (BBQ) prepared by Dave and salads from the garden prepared by her daughter.

I think that what spoke to me most about their lives is the community they have around them. Having her parents and brother's family on the farm next door seems like such an enviable blessing. Her mom gives her peaches and eggs, she supplies them with milk...and so the sharing continues.

But the other thing I loved was their home veggie garden - organized and productive. The orange clayey soil of Gauteng is so different to our loamy sand of the Western Cape but it is producing wonderful vegetables. Let the pictures speak for themselves...

Youngberries which went from the plant to my mouth.
Strawberries...rows and rows of them.

Pumpkins and marrows planted straight into holes in the veld grass.

Oh, for a potato field like this!

Gorgeous onions and HUGE sweet carrots.

Dave raises milk cows and they currently have two little calves which happened naturally (no AI necessary!) between mamma cow and his fabulous Nguni bull. The little hefer is destined to be their food but will have a happy peaceful life until then.

The evening finished with a lovely sunset over the farm....bliss.


Lois Evensen said...

I've enjoyed your photo tours of these three farms. Very nice. And, seeing what others are doing is always encouragement for the rest of us.

Out Back said...

What a lovely farm, and that potato patch is huge. The vegies are certainly growing really well.

Thank you for the tour, it is always nice to see how other people live.

grammie g said...

Hi Wendy..what wonderful healthy looking produce...I would like to snatch one of those berries of the vine...yum... : }

Christine said...

I just love having a nosey around other people's backyards. Thanks for posting these tours, Wendy, I've really enjoyed seeing what others are getting up to and how they go about it. Inspiring. :)

Wendy said...

Thanks for all the comments! I also love seeing what others are doing...I am so grateful that I got to do it first hand and then share it with you all.