Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Foodie Inspiration

Last night I attended Jane's Delicious Kitchen book launch in a little bookshop in Kalk Bay. This is Jane's second book...her first being Jane's Delicious Garden.

What a pleasure to hear her describe a very similar journey to mine into growing food and learning what to do with the harvest. While my food growing and preparation is not anywhere near as romantic as the travels she describes in her book, I believe we have a similar approach to food.

She said: "Food tells a story..." and this I believe. From the time you sow a seed to the time it ends up on your plate, that plant has a story to tell. We as eaters of it remember how we nutured it, watched it grow, fought for it to survive a myriad of challenges and then enjoyed the fruit of our hopes.

I read cookbooks like storybooks, needless to say that I sat up late last night devouring the book when the rest of my house was silent with sleep. And here I am making a mental list of which recipes I just have to try over the next few weeks.


Cath said...

Looks gorgeous. Thought of you there!

Rose said...

It looks great! Check out the
where a similar sort of thing is happening over in New Zealand.

Lois Evensen said...

Ah, positive reinforcement is always good. The book looks great.