Friday, November 26, 2010

Warning, what follows is quite depressing!

Back at the beginning of 2008 when I happened onto the Dervaes urban homestead I knew we would do a similar thing with our garden. The first 3 areas have been easy...well, easy-ish. There weren't that many trees in those areas and they were not being used for anything else besides floral borders.

This last area that we have been working on clearing for the last 4 weeks has been a real slog. The root mat and root balls that need to be taken out have sometimes taken days to deal with.

We decided to get in two young men to work for this last week and they have done a great job clearing out everything. So now we have a stripped bare area. My son and his friend, along with Superman's supervision, built all the fences on Sunday.

We have been relocating nests and chameleons. But the saddest thing happened this week when I noticed we were not being woken by the normal choruses of birds. They don't care that the trees are not indigenous, they were quite happy with anything!

So this week I have had a very heavy heart when I walk through my garden. At the same time I know the area will become a hive of critters again and be a healthy ecosystem, but for right now it's a sad empty place.

The soil is dead, not one thing exists worms or bugs, its dry sand and water does not even penetrate...we certainly have our work cut out for us. This weekend will see us planting the 4 fruit trees, making raised beds and special planters for our asparagus.

I am also considering a wetland/pond area to attract other wildlife and my littlest one will make a bird feeding station.


Anonymous said...

Be encouraged! In 4 years time you will be picking fruit, chasing away birds (!) and you will have redeemed that part of your garden.
A tree's roots are as large-spreading and as dense as the tree top - and you know how much there was once the tree was felled!
I always find myself examining such gardening moments spiritually. When the Lord removes something so large in my life, something I felt was pretty and 'birds even nested in it', the real work underground/ hidden in my heart is a massive and takes real effort to remove all the roots. But now that it is clear, I can allow the Lord to replant His garden in the clear place. This is a humbling moment.
Just to share on my tree felling - I have spent 2 days just cutting saplings that have opportunistically sprouted everywhere. The real trees, the ones we planted, have to be nurtured, but I am ruthless with these dreadful invaders.

Kate said...

Exactly - you're a HUge step closer to having a healthy, flourishing piece of the earth for you AND the birds :) well done for all your hard work - it's completely worth it.