Monday, July 11, 2011

Beetgreen Quiche

Yesterday I harvested our first beets. These are Chiogga Beets and are deep pink. When you cut them you get red bands between the white layers. I actually planted them because I love the color...not for any other reason!

Luckily not everyone in my family likes beets so I only need about 10 for a meal. Then I got to thinking about all the greens...surely we could eat those too? And yes we can!

Once the beets were cooking gently I washed the greens and chopped them like spinach. I fried up some French Shallots in butter and then sweated the greens. In a bowl I mixed up 8 of our eggs, salt, pepper, a cup of milk and about 500ml grated cheese.

The beet greens and onions are put into a greased baking dish and the eggs mixture poured over. Bake until brown.

I served this with chopped avo and a simple salsa with tomato, coriander, red onion, lemon juice and olive oil. A delightful filling meal.


Lois Evensen said...

My goodness that looks good. That would be a great winter meal. Warm comfort food.

Regina said...

mmmmh looks very good!!!!!
have a nice week,

Sherrin said...

We love beets as well! Thanks for sharing your harvest. It was very resourceful of you to make something with the greens - I will keep that in mind. We usually give them to the chooks but they don't like them much! After clicking on your business in another post I was excited to read that you work with the curriculum I am planning to purchase for us when my son is a little older! I want to teach him SA history and culture, so I was very excited to find your curriculum a while ago and now to make the connection between this blog and the curriculum!!