Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mamma's day out!

On Monday I told my family I was having a day off. Starting with my normal gym session at 7 am, I then headed off for a facial. GROUPON is a real win if you can make sure you only buy what you need. I bought a facial with a salon around the corner for 75% off a couple of months ago which I used on Monday and thoroughly enjoyed my hour of spoiling.

Next I headed to a new hairdresser recommended by a friend. She works from home and is super cheap and does exactly what you ask - so no pink hair mistakes!

Thereafter I met a friend at a coffee shop for a quick lunch and chat...then we headed to a special little shop found in a very quaint quarter of Muizenburg. Gina's Wool Studio stocks all sorts of hand crafts, but we were going to look at her hand spun hand dyed wool.

She also sells completed items and while we were very tempted with her gorgeous beanies and socks, we remained focused and bought our wool we were after.

Heading home at 3pm I felt rested, spoilt and full of eager anticipation to get stuck into the wool...

However I have already started knitting some socks with Nuturing Fibres self striping wool. This is such a novelty and I am constantly thinking about how you can hand dye wool so that it self stripes as you knit....and it works....

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Lois Evensen said...

oooooh, I would LOVE that shop!