Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stockpiles, fast slow food and my fridge.

Last week I stocked up on the basics I need for cooking nutritious fast food for my family. Once everything was in the fridge I realized how much the contents of my fridge have changed over the last 3 years.

No more convenience foods with lots of packaging...just the raw materials to make good wholesome meals. Not the most glamorous pictures, but this gives you an idea.

3 kinds of stocks, yoghurt, veg and tomato sauce....ready for some fast slow food. Not seen here are the bags of grain - spelt, organic wheat, barley and rye.

Today I had 9 people to feed over lunch and it took me a few minutes to throw a delicious nutritious soup and bread together for us all.

Leeks, sliced and softened in butter, 4 beef shin pieces, chopped carrots and turnips. 1 jar of beef stock, 1 jar of tomato and veg sauce (tomatoes, carrots, celery). Add 1 cup of barley and 1 cup spring water and allow to simmer for about 3 hours. Season to taste and serve.


Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy,
I have so enjoyed my visit with you.We are kindred spirits. I restocked my pantry yesterday with the basics too.I would love for you to stop by and visit me when you have time.
Have a blessed and simple day.

Lois Evensen said...

How wonderful to be able to make so much fresh food! All of your planning and work is so worth it.

africanaussie said...

Oh that soup looks delicious - i just love the texture that barley gives to soup.

nellymary said...

oh Yum..that's my kind of soup..but I've been grating all the veg in the whizzer lately...I love adding barley and lentils to my soups too....hope you had leftovers for the next day, but serving 9, I suppose not.

Mo and Steve said...

I love peeking into my Stores :)
Yours looks, and sounds, great!

Dmarie said...

ooh, that soup looks wonderful...and love your fridge-scapes. how guilt free you must be! working toward the same, so this post is inspiring. thanks!

kadirecipes said...

This soup looks so yummy, ll have to give it try. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes with us.
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C.R. Urban Homesteader's said...

The soup looks great! I love the planning idea's!