Sunday, July 3, 2011

While the sun shines...

Today has been typical Cape Town weather - changing seasons in 4 hrs! But this morning we all had garden jobs to tackle while the sun was shining. Superman and Son tackled the terribly smelly job of the coop. The front part has been left open on top, but during winter the rain makes the ground smelly and sludgey. Last weekend they extended the plastic "roof" right to the front and made a fold down flap to protect against the slanted rain.

However the ground was still yuck and I don't believe it is a healthy environment for the girls. So they dug out the top layer of soil which was enough to make us all gag (can you picture this?) and put it into the compost. Then they took some loose bricks we had lying around and made a "floor" which can be hosed off. We then sprinkled Diameteous Earth all over the place. This will have to do until we can make another plan.

Superman and I also added two more levels to one of the first raised beds we did back in 2008. We have potatoes in here so instead of digging down and banking we could just add a few loads of compost to the bed and this covers the stems of the plant. When he designed these beds back then, he had the uprights intentionally longer so that we could simply hammer on two more boards like this.

The girls took over the cleaning out and planting up of the neglected herb tower. It was completely overgrown in Dec 2010 and then being in shade most of the day during winter, alot of the herbs died off. I also made the mistake of planting herbs that get too big in such a small space.

The sages were moved out to other beds. I used all the celery yesterday in my stocks so it was a blank canvas again. I decided that since it is right outside our kitchen door, that I would just plant culinary herbs in there. So in went the oreganum, majorum, thyme and celery.

It felt so good to be back in the garden after all this time but then the rain chased us inside.


4kids, 2 guinea pigs, 1 happy family said...

Nice pictures. I was just thinking of putting up an new run for our hens a new run. The permanent one is being rested at the moment and I've spotted a corner where I can make a big one that I think they will really love! Looks like you have plenty of broad beans growing. We do too and are enjoying them fresh: any ideas for suplus beans though. At the moment I'm just blanching and freezing. Geoff x

Wendy said...

Blanching and freezing sounds like the best idea if you have surplus. We also dry enough for next years planting. We love them so much that we will eat them every night with dinner and not I have never had to deal with a surplus. Lucky you!

Lois Evensen said...

I'm sure the girls will love their new flooring. :)

africanaussie said...

I followed the links back to where you created your herb tower. It does look so much neater than my 'ramshackle pile of rocks" gosh everything looks so lovely and that compost looks full of lovely organisms and nutrients. That chicken manure must be good for the garden as well, even if it is a bit smelly. Good days work!