Sunday, October 23, 2011

Feeding the family on the QT - majoram chicken.

On Tuesday we have our evening home church meeting. Oftentimes we have extra mouths to feed...Tuesday is also my working afternoon so that I can stay up to date with orders. I also like to take Lucky and the kids for a walk on the local farm lands nearby or up to the park.

This Tuesday I had a lot to do workwise and needed to feed our family of 6 and another two young men with healthy appetites but time was going to run out if I went for a walk too. Lucky seems to know her walk days and follows me around all day just waiting for the moment that I put my takkies on which signals the walk. Then she starts to loose her mind as she whines, pants and jumps. Bad dog behaviour, I know, but it is the highlight of her day.

All this to say, I needed a meal that would cook away without me until 5.30. This is what I did...

Majoram is such a humble herb but I love using it in my cooking....I have about 10 plants in the garden, all loving the spring heat.

So, pick a huge handful of majoram. Wash and set aside.

Chop two onions and place in a roasting dish. Place 2 free range chickens on top. Pour over 1 cup dry white wine and 2 cups homemade chicken stock. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and the majoram leaves.

Peel and chop 8 potatoes and 6 carrots and 6 celery stalks. Arrange these around the chicken. Cover with tin foil or lid and then roast slowly at 150 deg C for 3 hrs. For the last 1/2 hr take off the cover so that the sauce can thicken.

Serve into wide pasta bowls making sure everyone gets the rich flavourful sauce. I made 2 french loaves to mop up all the juices.

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Lois Evensen said...

Ah, yes, home cooking for family and friends. We often add extra plates to our table too.

And, it's amazing but our dogs can tell time, too! ;) If we forget they remind us each evening at 10:30 for ice cream time.