Saturday, October 29, 2011

I will not negotiate!!!!

Green living, frugal living, sustainable living or whatever you want to call it does ask that we change many things.

Eating seasonal veg and fruit can be tough sometimes but I can do that.

Recycling...that I can do.

Walk instead of drive I can do within my comfort zone.

Lots of things I can do, but I will not negotiate when it comes to smelly armpits!

I have tried lots of natural products but none of them work for our family and I will not go back to traditional deoderants. I was delighted to find a home made product that truly really works and I have been testing it over the last few weeks before telling you all.

Yes - simply take a little lump of coconut oil (keep it in the fridge in warm weather) and rub it under your arms. Then take a tiny pinch of Bicarb and rub that over.

You won't stop sweating (sweating is good as God made it like that) but you definately won't smell.

I have gone to look at my internet history to see where I found this remedy but I can't find it...but thank you to whoever it was!


Linda said...

This sounds wonderful Wendy, will give it a try. I have found such an amazing little book, Loot sells it, called 'Make Your Place' by Raleigh Briggs. It really is a gem, so many recipes for home, garden and cleaning.
Have a peaceful weekend:)

Christine said...

Great solution, Wendy! I wonder if the bicarb could be mixed in with the oil if it's softened first and then allowed to set? I will be trying this, thanks! :)

Kit said...

Sounds good - I'll give it a go too.
I've been using deodorant crystals for ages now and they do work for me, but it's great to find another home-made recipe that works. Do your older kids use it too? It might be too much like hard work for my son to go for.

Wendy said...

Christine - I also thought of that, but I know that bicarb changes once it comes into contact with other substances so I just left them seperate.

Kit - I have tested it first on myself and once I was certain that it actually could handle really hot days too could I then advise my children to try it too. They are going to try it this week. Will let you know. They are both very active (sports) so they need something to cope with that.

Carol Flett said...

I've read about using a mix of soda and coconut oil but never tried it. I have used coconut oil, but, by itself, it doesn't do the job. I will try this.