Friday, October 28, 2011

On my mind - mushrooms

Mushroom season past without us getting ourselves organized and going to the forest for pine rings. So when I saw a mushroom kit on a blog I follow - and it was local - I just had to find out more.

Yesterday when I took my daughter to her exams I passed a nursery that sell these kits and I bought the white oyster mushroom kit to try. It should give 4 flushes of fungi and it will equal the price of 4 shop bought punnets. They also have button and pink oyster kits.

I have been thinking about growing mushrooms for a while as I read how you can cultivate them on an old log in Jamie At Home and have been itching to try until then this was a good tester.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck! I've thought about doing the same on a tree stump. Maybe I'll give it a shot next year.

Linda said...

Wonderful Wendy! We started ours a few days ago and we are so looking forward to the process. Have you started your kit yet?

Wendy said...

Yes we have...can't wait, Linda.