Saturday, March 31, 2012

The boy and his chickens

This year our littlest one took over the care of the chickens. He has more time in his day than our elder son who now is in Gr 9 and working really hard at the books!

David is such a good steward with his "babies". He has even managed to gain their trust and often dissapears into the coop to sit and hold them. He has one favourite chicken called "Favourite" :) that cuddles into his neck when he holds her.

They are thriving on all the attention and except for 3 of the hens (two broody ones and our old gal) we get eggs from the others - 3 on one day, 4 on the next. This gives us enough for our daily eating needs, unless we need to bake, which I am not doing a lot of recently.

They seem to be happy in their new coop now that they have the human boy visiting many times each day, initially though they went completely off the lay.

The old coop was right next to our home and I am convinced they missed the noise of the kids and their passing by the coop so often.Thank goodness for David...

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Lois Evensen said...

Win - Win! Great for David and the hens. :) Great post.