Saturday, March 17, 2012

Making a come back.

My favorite pair of winter jeans has died. The holes in them are no longer trendy...they are dodgey!

I have been keeping them for my daughter as she likes to turn old jean into bags.She hasn't had time to get to it, and I entered an apron swap this week.

My old jeans have been upcycled and have made a come back as two aprons. I used this idea and then did my own thing.

I needed to buy new needles for my machine today and at the quilting shop they were selling little blocks of offcuts. These covered the bigger holes. The apron above has ties that are made from the tailored seam from the side of the jeans. The other ties and both neck strings were made from bias-binding.

I also cut off the pockets of the jeans to give one pocket to each apron, which is kind of funky. This project was perfect for me as I could be really "messy" with the sewing as the jeans are old and used and I hope with washing and wear that the sides will fray.

About 1cm in from the edge I did a row of zigzag for the fray. One of these will go to the apron swap, the other tucked into my travel bag for my sister.

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Lois Evensen said...

So cute and your jeans live on!

Sunday hugs,