Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What makes you quiver in your boots?

Well, for me it is knitting! I work myself into such a tizzy that I often wonder why, every year in Autumn, I start to plan a project or two?!?

It's not like I can't knit something basic, I can, I have! Beanies, mittens and even a pair of socks...but as I look at my stash of wool I start to panic.

I am trying to figure out why I feel like this and I think the biggest thing is time. I honestly don't have time to sit and knit everyday, I don't even watch TV anymore so I cannot do it then. I have no where to sit and wait for kids at sports etc as I always add errands in the same area and am running around doing them.

It all comes down to one night a week - Friday, while my children host a Bible study with their friends. I have a knitting friend, so we sit and chat and pray for the 2hrs, and in winter we add needles and wool.

I have two 12hr plane trips coming up soon, but knitting needles are taboo on the flight, so it will be reading, hopefully sleeping, and talking to my son.

So, now that I have had my whine moment, these are my planned winter knitting projects....

Boys beanie This one is scary as it means I have to figure out how to knit in the round.

Waffle Weave Dishclothes Don't you love those colors! Scary new stich to master.

Socks like last year I have another two balls of self striping sock wool to work through.

Big softie which is last on the list. It's the biggest project I have made up my mind to undertake but will not be finished this season, that's for sure.

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