Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dodging raindrops

After a lie in until about 8 and a breakfast of scrambled eggs I decided to do a spot of gardening. We had so much rain last night that I thought I would manage to get it all done before todays showers hit.

Doing the sweet potatoes was fine, a bit chilly, but dry...then I started to weed the garlic and the sprinkles started.

By the time I had weeded the bed and planted some peas between the now strong garlic plants, I was dripping wet and Lucky was not charmed at all that the Mother Person was keeping her outdoors. She is always my companion in the garden and it just didn't occur to her that she could go inside.

The chickens enjoyed all the weeds and grass that I had taken out.

I decided that I had been brave enough so headed indoors.

My girls had made newspaper pots and laundry soap for me so all I had to do was make Lavender soap. I will post the recipe tomorrow if it was a success.

I just had a little peep at the soap which is cooling slowly and I am glad the mauve pigment has taken. The goal is to have a marbled effect...we will wait and see tomorrow.

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Lois Evensen said...

I look forward to seeing the soap recipe. :)