Friday, May 11, 2012

Fracking - it is an issue!

A few months ago my Superman and I watched a magazine program on South African TV called Carte Blanche. We were actually watching it to see a slot on SA universities, however we were horrified with the information we saw about fracking.

The slot was covering the proposed fracking in the Karoo which is a semi desert region starting about 3 hours from here.

Most of the information came from a movie called GASLAND which covers the devastation that has already occured in the USA where fracking has been allowed for the past years.

Today my daughter and I were doing research for an assignment on alternative energy in South Africa and we started looking at this again. This time I took much more notice and now I feel it is important to take the time on my blog to educate my readers, ask you to sign a petition, then share the information on your blogs, via email, Twitter or Facebook.

First, spend some time educating yourself on what fracking is.You can read the following articles:
What is fracking
What are the dangers of fracking? Brilliant graphical representation of it...just keep scrolling down.
Update on the Karoo and fracking

Watch these videos:
Standing up to Goliath

Then sign the petition

I know many who read this blog are not in South Africa, but there are no boundaries and many many poorer communities around the world are prey for the corporations who will exploit them by not telling the truth of what this process does, and ultimately sign the environments and their own death sentance.

Please take this request seriously.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

Absolutely! The thought of gas companies finding new ways to mine fuel without any regard to people, wildlife, or property is mind blowing. What's worse is governments let this happen because the gas companies are powerful lobbyists with bottomless pits for wallets acting in the best interest of shareholders. Good to know there are people everywhere who are as bothered by this as I am.

Tanya said...

There is so much evidence against fracking and even after the disasters in America, they have started here in Australia too.Farmers and communities have been powerless to stop them
It breaks my heart and all I can do is keep spreading the word trying to get more people to care.

Wendy said...

Thank you Adele and Tanya. I always think that social media has a purpose beyond just being for keeping touch. Used correctly it has the ability to make an impact.