Saturday, May 12, 2012

Feeding the sushi monster!

Today my younger daughter and I went on a Sushi making course with a friend. It was so much fun learning how to do it properly. I have tried a number of times to make sushi at home and I never get it quite right.

We made maki rolls, hand rolls, fashion sandwiches, salmon roses and california rolls. Some of the ingrediants were supplied in kit form but they made the rice before hand and portioned out the salmon.

We were very surprised to see a pawpaw and banana in the box...but strangely enough the "dessert
 sushi was quite yummy drizzled with chocolate sauce.

The chef made it all look so easy and our first attempts were a little bungled but soon we got into the swing of things and churned out a decent plate of sushi.He also showed us how to make the rice properly, mix wasabi (YUM!), fillet a salmon and make sashimi.

At the end of the time its actually about two things - work quickly and lighlty and have a very very sharp sushi knife.


Lois Evensen said...

It looks delicious! We all like sushi here so it's a treat when we go to the local sushi restaurant.

Linda said...

How wonderful, we love sushi here!

Happy Mother's Day Wendy:)