Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Funky Chickens ~ A business venture for my son

Jonathan, our 15 year old son, has become a distributor for certified free range pasture fed chicken and eggs.
These chickens are from the Garden Route area and are fed a completely natural diet, housed only at night. They spend their days, as chickens should, pecking and scratching in pastures eating bugs and greens. Any additional feed given to them is certified natural with no additives like bone or fishmeal, no soy and no GMO maize, no growth hormones or antibiotics.

These chickens are 14 days older than most chickens you buy in the store making them more tasty, meaty and with less fat. Besides for the taste, and the humane way in which the chickens live, you are reaping the benefits by eating chicken that will not compromise your long term health.
Funky Chickens can sell you whole birds for R48/kg! The birds that Jonathan supplies are on average 1.6 - 1.8kgs. There are other products on his website for you to look at too!
Our first stock arrives next Wednesday so if you Capetonians would like to order please email Jonathan at for more information.
Looking forward to hearing from you

Wendy and Jonathan

PS Please feel free let your friends and family know, thank you!


Shells said...

Sounds wonderful - it sounds like the farm we visited while we were on holiday on the Garden Route this year - awesome place - Good luck, sure we will order from you!

Wendy said...

Thank you Shells. He is so excited about this and has some nice orders from folks. Looking forward to yours.