Saturday, June 23, 2012

My kitchen ~ My Factory

As each season passes my kitchen is transformed into a different kind of factory. Sometimes it is a canning factory specializing in jams or chilli preserves, other times its a soap factory. It is however a permanent food factory the name of which changes with the day of the week. Here are some of my factory photos of the past few weeks...
Various types and stages of citrus cleaner

Cream cheese

20 litres of milk waiting to be turned into yoghurt and mozarella

20kgs of black mission olives in brine

Loaves of bread for hungry tummies
Chicken and beef stock made today

Indulging in pasta this week freshly made in my factory
I know other woman who also have mini factories running in their kitchens...what did you make in yours this week?


Cath said...

Lovely inspiring post. I tried the citrus cleaner but don't know when it's ready. What do you use yours for?

My factory list is too long and exhausting to record. Somewhere in there is 9kg of cream cheese++++

Wendy said...

Busy lady...mine has been making onion marmalade which there is high demand for! Will have to make more this week!

africanaussie said...

Gosh you are so productive. everything looks so tasty! I like that citrus cleaner for the kitchen counter and sink - it seems to week away ants.

Tracey said...

Your kitchen seems familiar as I make most of those things too! This week I made orange marmalade, citrus cleaner, bread and cheese scrolls, biscuits, yoghurt, pasta, calendula salve and lots of porridge! :)

Crystal said...

What a wonderful way of thinking about our kitchens.
This week I made chicken stock, bread, yoghurt, pizza from scratch, lots of fresh orange/lemonade and started my second jar of citrus cleaner. First jar is stir on the shelf. Also wondering how long to leave it for?

Wendy said...

Hi all

The citrus cleaner needs to mature for 2 or 3 weeks. We will start using our first batch this week, it would have infused for about 3 weeks then.

You all have been busy too, so wonderful to bless our families like this!

EMMA said...

Like you I made yoghurt, bread, various cakes and muffins, deodorant and my very first batch of calendula salve, oh and lots of food.
I've never tried citrus cleaner but it sounds great, would you mind sharing the recipe?

Jane said...

Hi Wendy, I must tell you that I have made two of your soups over the last couple of days - the Sweet potato and the Bacon, veg and barley. They were both very good. I have tried cottage/cream cheese by draining Imasi and Yoghurt - they give a slightly different taste, and are very useful for making a carrot cake or cheesecake. What do you use? I have recently also made beetroot chutney and mango chutney.

Wendy said...

Emma, here is the cleaner method:

Jane, so glad you enjoyed the soups. I have never tried Amazi for creamcheese. Here is how I make mine:

Kelly-Anne said...

I really enjoyed reading this post, Aunty Wendy!

I made guava preserves from the gauvas off our tree...kefir with our own milk and lots of smoothies!

I'm focusing more on the garden at the moment...!

Lots of love,

Wendy said...

Well done Kelly Anne you are such a productive young woman.