Sunday, June 3, 2012

Suspended Reality

For the last 3 years over Superman's birthday period we have gone with close friends to an apple farm for the weekend to stay in the rustic cottages and enjoy the quiet peaceful still long slow days. This was our weekend of suspended reality....

Here again...
Sunset Friday
Stick bread, a children (and adults) novelty while waiting for supper
My two "adopted" sons for the weekend. One from the USA the other a friend of my sons from toddler days.
Pear trees in their last autum dress
Beauty all around on a long walk.
Potjiekos for supper, bread dough for roosterkoek rising near the fire.
Knitting with the sensual hand spun merino wool.
Best friends.
BFFL (Best Friends For Life)
Back home...Cape Town stretching out before us as we come down the pass.

I suppose this is why we go away, so that we can suspend reality, the rushing to and fro, the shops, traffic noise, to-do lists, so that we can breathe a little and get momentum for the next while.


Nettie's Blog said...

how beautiful is coming home ..even after a good rest in such a magical place...

africanaussie said...

Gosh just your descriptions made me feel as though I had taken a little break :)

Wendy said...

There is nothing like that view over Sir Lowrys Pass!

Hill upon Hill said...

Oh how I love Cape Town.