Monday, June 25, 2012

In the garden today

Despite the damp and cold we spent a little while in the garden today...come take a look around...

Radishes are so huge, time to use them up

First peas turning up

My favourite flower around the pond
Onions..and leaves.

Loads of spinach for dinner

Oh, my other favourite flower making a show.

Purple broccoli
Argh..weeds, must have come through the manure we added in Autumn

Beautiful beets for supper.
Tomorrow has a wet wild stormy forecast, glad we managed some time in the garden today.


africanaussie said...

Beets and spinach for dinner - I will be right over. Oh no wait! not when it is cold and wet. :) stay rugged up.

Anonymous said...

Your winter looks suspiciously like my late spring/early summer! Have you tried eating the nasturtium yet?

Wendy said...

You are welcome anytime, African Aussie!

Adele, we eat the flowers in salads and save the seeds for poor mans capers :)