Friday, November 23, 2012

A Kitty Garden

Our kitties are growing daily and are getting along better with Precious Baby Lamb. As they will soon be big enough to wander alone outside I decided to plant them a little patch to enjoy.

I pulled out the nasturtiums and calendula that were growing around the pond and had gone over, added some compost and planted two each of catnip and cat grass.

Hopefully by the time that the little ones are big ones these will be established for them to enjoy.

I also sowed some variegated sunflowers as the first seeds that I sowed never came up.

The pond is a real delight to me and my youngest as it is visited by so much wildlife each day. There are dragonflies, birds, frogs and other smaller critters there for him to study.

We do seem to have a leak though as within a day of being filled the water level sinks quite drastically.

I also heard today that we can use barley straw to control the algae growth in our pond so will be doing some research into where I can get this from.
The kitties went outside today for the first time and enjoyed the sunshine, the sand and the odd flying insect that buzzed around them.

I so enjoy having felines in the home again after all these years.....


Margo said...

I happened upon your blog whilst looking for something else. And I love what you have to say, and how you say it! You have another follower. Thanks for sharing!


Urban Homestead South Africa said...

Hi Marjo
Thanks for joining up and saying hi!