Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Summer ~ Sunburn ~ Salads

Yip...summer is here.  I took my first swim today so it must be summer. We have also taken our first doggie walk on the beach. This was a habit we got into last summer - early Sunday morning walks with the dogs. They love the freedom of the beach.
Today my son, daughter and I went on a wonderful homeschool outing to welcome in summer. A group of homeschoolers met up at a local marine reserve and spent the morning studying God's creation. It was neap tide so the rock pools were awesomely exposed for the young ones.

Anenomes of many colors

A cuttlefish graced us with its presence

Beautiful starfish and cushion stars were prolific
I thought I was prepared but I forgot our hats and we did not have enough protection for our arms and necks. My daughter and I are both sunburnt and I am not pleased at my mistake. I need to figure out what our modus operandi will be for summer in terms of sun protection.

Tonight's supper was a glorious one to enjoy the later sunset and freshly delivered produce from a new organic food supply that I am trying out to fill the gaps in my garden produce.

 Lovely small tomatoes sliced in half, partnered with mini mozarella balls and basil from the garden.

Drizzled with olive oil and basalmic vinegar.

 Thinly sliced baby marrows sprinkled with salt and pepper and drizzled olive oil. Grilled until brownish. Toss into a bowl and drizzle with a berry basalmic reduction.

Top with thinly sliced red onion from the garden.

 The fresh beetroot we recieved in our bag was boiled until soft then peeled under cold water.

Quartered and drizzled with olive oil, rosemary leaves, pressed garlic and some coarse salt.

Some lamb chops were tossed onto the gas BBQ and thoroughly enjoyed while the sunset.



Linn said...

Mmmm. Looks like a delicious dinner to follow a wonderful day. Hope you share what you will use for sun protection. I am not fond of slathering my kids with all those chemicals in commercial sun creams.

Shells said...

Wow a cuttlefish, what an amazing sighting...and you salads look great. X

Kathryn Ray said...

Ahhh... I love the first days of summer. I can almost taste your salads. :-)