Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Simply too much to do...

Homeschool convention season ended this weekend and with it, my last trip for the year for my business. It was a great weekend in Johannesburg and it is always a blessing to encourage other homeschool moms.

The double blessing is that each year when I go to JHB my business partner comes along. We get to see each other at this once a year event and share 3 days together catching up and good.

But then it's home again and seeing soooo much to do in the blossoming spring garden, the end of year need to finish school books, choir concerts, tennis tounaments, olives to be put into vinegar, a home to be decluttered and on it goes.

Weeds...weeds...weeds...I have decided to call my garden a mature garden on account of the weeds. We picked up a sticky weed through some horse manure and this horrible plant grows everywhere. So on Sunday afternoon when I got in from the airport I decided that there is no time like now and got stuck in.

Garlic was dug up as the leaves had turned yellow...a very dissappointing harvest I must have done something wrong! But we managed a plait and the ones that broke off are being used already.

Onions are being harvested and used daily...some bulbs are developed others are used as spring onions. I need to empty the bed soon for the next marrow planting.

Broad beans are in, these were the late crop planted mid-winter which should go until December. Then they will be pulled and tomatoes will go in. I sowed seed of 4 different heritage tomatoes for this bed which should be ready in 6 - 8 weeks.

Weeding between corn and tomato plants took most of the time on Sunday and things look promising all around.

 We have four broccoli plants left from the winter planting. I think my plan worked to confuse the bugs as I scattered broccoli around the garden in different places and we had a very successful harvest this year with no cabbage moth.
 Cucumbers are trailing their way up the trellises. I planted 4 different varieties but have forgotten which is which and I hope that I haven't messed up too much and that they will all be cross pollinated and a failure.

 Garlic chives doing well and yummy chopped into salads, quiches, frittata and other meals.
And our strawberries are coming in nicely. I see that we have bird visitors again as many have just one hole in them...I still use them like that - we just cut off the damaged part.

Last year I used old CD's to scare the birds away as they reflect in the sunlight and it worked well, so I had better rig that up again.

Even though there is soo much to do, I am glad that I can put away my bags and wrap up the year now...and there is nothing like being home!

Mmmh...East West Homes Best!


Linda said...

Oh yes, it's so busy as this time of year! Everywhere I look, something needs to be weeded, mulched or fertilised! And as for the birds, mine have caught on. The CDs don't.scare them and I've even tried wine bladders with no success.

Shells said...

love seeing your plantings and garden 3 little beds are planted and busy growing.. ..trying some watermelon??
thanks for inspiration!!!

Wayne Jones said...

Here we are justed headed into fall so it is a little like reading a fairy tale when I see you in mid growing season. I enjoyed your post and hope to visit again soon.

Urban Homestead South Africa said...

Shells, no watermelon here yet - hoping for the best for yours.

Welcome Wayne.

Linda, maybe your birds are less timid than ours in SA??