Monday, April 28, 2008

All the little seedlings standing in a row

Today we planted our seedlings into the barrels in our back yard as well as tarragon in the bed near the pool.

We are going to have to thin out the tree where the tarragon is for more light but it is a sunny bed.

And then David and I planted up the bed we prepared yesterday. We are going to have to make collars for the cut worms and snails tomorrow for tonight we hope that a ring of sharp stones will keep them safe.

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Jeff Cutler said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and was taken by the plant and tree images.

It's raining here and I'm worried that the chance to start my own tomatoes has passed.

Further the rain isn't helping with the total sluggo attitude I've had lately. Ishould be training for the 5-boros ride in NYC next weekend.

I'm also taking the time to comment here because today is world blog-comment day.

SO if you feel like returning the favor or passing on the love...even in your planting frenzy...go to my sites or others.

You could even leave me a few tips on getting my garden going. *I'm not going to be too dedicated to it so less needy plants are best.

You can find me at or just google Jeff Cutler.

Thanks and stay green thumbed!