Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Herb and salad area

We have been growing herbs and salads here for the last few years...after a good dose of compost and a little rest we will probably rotate the same things here as it is handy being just outside of our kitchen.

We planted a granadilla here about 2 years ago but with the winds here it never thrived.

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flmom said...

I had to look up granadilla - very interesting! I can't believe I lived on Maui and had not heard of this.

I have some things going in containers right now - mostly genovese and sweet basil plus moss curled parsley, but also have a few sunflowers (ran out of room for them in our tiny garden patch - hopefully we'll get edible seeds from these), and tomatoes.

It's very convenient you can locate this right outside your kitchen. Ours is sort of that way, but not nearly as handily placed as yours.