Monday, April 14, 2008

Why it all started description says that we are starting out on our urban homesteading adventure...the reason? I happened onto the Youtube video Home Grown this weekend and it was an anwser to a life long goal.

We live on a small plot in South Africa and I have always been saying "Oneday when I have a farm/larger plot/small holding..." but now after seeing this concept of urban homesteads I know we can make a go of growing our own food.

I am so excited as I have always tried to grow best attempt was 6 raised beds in our previous home where we ate all our salads from as well as herbs...but I have never looked at converting my whole garden into something edible.

We have a small garden as most of the plot is house...and the plants that are already here are well established with a huge Stinkwood tree casting shade over the majority of the front I do have some obstacles to overcome.

We are a homeschooling family so this will become a project for us along with lots of other things we need to implement so that we can be more "green".

What we have been doing for the last few years is recylcing and just recently we bought a wormery to convert all our peels into liquid fertilizer which is already working beautifully...thus starts our journey....


flmom said...

I put a link to this on my blog the other day as well! I have read about this family before, but watching the video really impacted me.

Craig, Taryn and our blessings said...

oh no! the video is no longer available :( I will be following your blog with interest. But it may be a long, LONG while before we get there :) Life feels far too overwhelming at the moment with our 3, soon to be 4 under 6 years.