Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Long term plan

This area is where we will have to do the most work as we have a huge established Stinkwood that dominates this front garden. There is also extensive root matting which makes it very difficult to dig and plant anything.

I am hoping to be able to keep our Stinkwood...it has lived a long life - and it gives us oxygen :-) but the Clivia's will have to go to a new home and the creeper must come off the wall as I think berries will grow well there.

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flmom said...

I understand completely about roots. I think most of our yard is nothing but roots. I put a small sunflower patch in the other weekend (for decorative purposes - we'll feed the birds with the seeds since I didn't have any fencing to put up at the time to keep animals plus our own cat and dog out and I worry about the purity of the soil now). I had a quite difficult time as the ground was mostly roots.

It looks like you have a nice area here to work with.