Sunday, April 20, 2008

An update

Well, we have had a busy weekend what with adding a new puppy to our family...actually, the puppy is 9 months but he is new to our home. In amongst this my son has stapled the chicken mesh to the base of the compost heap and has been sawing off the ends of two pallets so they stand even.

Our tyres are all ready and waiting for their soil and seed potatoes. The tyres were free from Super Quick as they cannot recyle rubber - I feel we have done our bit for the rubbish dumps of this world by taking 9 tyres from them. The seed potatoes are on order from Fruit 'n Veg City if they can get them.

But I think the thing that makes me feel like we are moving forward the most is that we were able to buy 4 large half wine barrels to start the actual planting. So our son has prepared the bottoms with drainage chips (they had pre-drilled holes otherwise he would have had to do that too) and we will add the soil tomorrow.


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

i like the look of your new dog
whats his name?

well done to your son hes been very busy


fairyluver said...

I don't understand what you use the tyres for?? Do you plant the potatoes in the tires??

Wendy said...

Jen (with one "n") - the dogs name is Zeus :-)

Jenn - in limited space you can use tires to grow new or baby potatoes. I will write a more detailed description on my blog soon.