Sunday, May 24, 2009

Indoor Seedlings

With the weather turning cold and all the rain and wind that we have had, I have had to bring my seedlings inside.

We have been nuturing cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower seeds for a few weeks and they are starting to look quite good.

Two years ago my son made a seed germinator hotbox for a science experiment. (For homeschoolers reading this blog, it was from Jeannie Fulbright Botany Course.) We stored it away when the experiment was over and haul it out every now and again.

I have always wanted to grow asparagus but have not found seedlings to plant. About 3 weeks ago I found a packet of asparagus seeds and sowed them into trays and placed them in the hot box...this is what they look like now:

The thing with asparagus is that thet take up to 3 years to yield from we are in for a loooong wait!



Where did you get hold of asparagus seeds let alone seedlings?

Urban Homestead South Africa said...

Hi Hanna

You can by Mary Washington asparagus seeds from