Monday, May 4, 2009

A man's best friend

This is our dog, Zeus. He has been with us for a year now and came to us at 8 months old. He was rescued from neglect and has come with a few problems which we are ironing out. But he is a great pal and an even better protector for us and our property.

For the last few months I have been trying to get my head around how to feed him a natural way and at a cost that is equal too or less that what science diets cost.
I have also had a niggling in my heart that science diets are not all they are said to be.

I eventually found a recipe that is do-able for me and requires a bulk cook-up once a week and then a daily bone for him to chew. I got my butcher to mince me up 10KG's of turkey mince, lung mince and tripe mince. (Smell terrible but is good enough for him) This was then frozen in 500g packs.

3 of those (1 of each) is added to a 5kg pack of brown rice and whatever seasonal vegetables I have. I add some garlic cloves and olive oil and then cook it up until the rice is cooked.

When its cooled it's stored in the fridge. I add 1800mg calcium (human tablet) in the evening and he has a bone to gnaw during the day. The huge bonus to this is that the poop has been reduced and I know that he is getting good nutrition not just fillers and chemicals.

He is after all doing his job - and we need to do the best we can for him.

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