Sunday, May 17, 2009

No more plastic bags

A while back I started buying material bags to replace plastic grocery bags. The only thing we actually used the last few plastic bags was to pick up dog poop and throw it in the bin.

So when the plastic bags ran out I needed to make another plan to dispose of the stuff!

We installed our "doggie-loo" two weeks ago and it seems to be able to handle the poop quite well and its simple and easy to use and no more plastic bags full of the foul stuff lie in our bin for weekly collection.

Basically the dog loo is sunnk into the ground with drainage placed around it. Then it is filled to the rim with water and an activator (similar what is used in septic tanks) which breaks down the poop which then drains away.

I am also happy to use this now as we have our dogs eating a more natural diet (I wrote about that previously.)

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