Saturday, February 6, 2010

Planning for Autumn

I have been watching the subtle changes in the garden and even though we still have a 4 weeks left of summer (or there abouts) I can see that the seasons change is nearby.

The shadows in my garden are changing and with these changes I know I need to start planning my autumn garden.

In my garden journal I have written out my to do list for tomorrow:

Remove old rainbow corn
Repot Gooseberry plant
Plant orange tree
Dig up potatoes
Pot new strawberry plants
Liquid feed all baskets and pots
Cut of all milddew leaves

Then I need to sow lots of seed and get them ready for winter planting.

Turnips (direct)
Carrot (direct)
Beet (direct)
Spinach (direct)
Cabbage (trays)
Broccoli (trays)
Cauliflower (trays)

Broad beans are also able to go in now, but I need space for them as well as my peas.


Jill said...

I still can't get used to our seasons being opposite. But 4 weeks more of your summer means only 4 or so weeks left of our winter, so that I can get into! Time for me to plan our garden!! Yipee! What do you think you will try differently next year?

Wendy said...

Hi Jill

Next year I will break with "green ways" and not plant heirlooms. All my heirlooms were unproductive.

I know this will be a hot topic in some circles, but I think that if I had tons of space I would try them again.

But here on this small plot I have to focus on what yields. So I will stay organic, as far as possible, but won't get so hung up about using heirlooms only.

I will also plant more earlier to try and avoid the mid summer pests.

Happy planning!

Tanya said...

You have expressed what has been on my mind too, as our seasons are the same. The result from the rainbow corn was disappointing, but more corn was not as good as usual this year too and I had tried a different seed this year (Supergold I think it was)Chooks have loved all the wonky cobs.