Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekdays are a blur

No matter how busy my weekdays get (and they do get busy!) I always try to make time for a little of this-ing and that-ing in the garden. It restores my "balance" and in the words of John Denver "fills up my senses".

The seeds I planted over the last two weeks are all saying "hello" to the world, the fine carrots (above), the strong stemmed broad beans (below) and if all I can do in the week is water them or put some eggs shells around them to prevent pests, then so be it.

My little guy planted turnips 2 weeks ago, but he planted them a little close so I have had to thin them this week. I washed the sprouts off and addeed them to our salads so that their fragile attempts at growing did not go to waste.

I am not sure whether my peas were planted too soon, it's better to plant them in July here, but we may get a few for our salads.

Weekdays tend to mesh into each other leaving little time for big garden jobs, but there is always something to do or see.

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Debbie said...

It makes me smile to see all the seeds germinating and emerging from the soil.....a great part of gardening. Your seedlings are doing great.