Sunday, February 28, 2010

Seed saving and other happenings

We had a good session in the garden this morning and I am glad to have started early as it was very very hot here today.

We picked some corn which we ate for lunch and pulled up a pumpkin plant which still had lots of male flowers but no fruit. The flowers were stuffed with mozarella, battered and fried. Delicious.

I set dear daughter to picking about 100 chillies which weighed in at 600g. I will need to process them this week into hot sauce but I need to buy small jars first.

We pulled up our spent runner beans but found that there were some huge pods still attached. They would be too tough to eat so we have peeled them and they are drying. I will use them next year. I have saved some fire tongue beans as well as Ghost Rider pumpkins and carbon tomatoes.

I also had the opportunity to use my newish vacuum sealer. We have been eating beans like crazy that they kiddos are all complaining. So I blanched the 400g we picked to day and then sealed them and froze them for later one when we are missing summer beans.

Our garden looks a litle bare as we only have two corn patches left and everything is in its growing phase but I know that buried there in the ground are turnips, beets, spring onions, carrots, peas, broad beans, salads and spinach.


Anonymous said...

I've also been blanching, freezing and preserving food. Summer is nearly done and the kitchen is busy ... when I look at my stash of bottled and frozen goodies I wish I had planted more ...

browniegirl said...

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