Friday, July 9, 2010

Breaking the shopping fast!

It's been 4 weeks since my last shop visit.... :-)

But honestly the list had grown just too long to put off any longer. My freezer is still full and my stockpile still fine, although a dent has been made. It was all the little odds and ends that needed to be attended to.

So after school was done for the day I spent a glorious hour at the shop, doing my banking and getting my list attended too. I also treated my self to a Seattle coffee and some sushi (there's always a need for sushi!).

It was so nice to have had this break from shopping as it freed up my time in other areas, that I think I may go back to a monthly (rather than weekly) shop.

But I did promise more on comfort food...a nice quick one that my whole family likes in winter and one that my older children can make pretty much on their own is a simple cottage pie.

As it a one dish meal I like to add 3 different colors of veggies to it. Simply brown and season the mince and onions, add the peeled chopped veggies and then when the gravy is all thickened top with some creamy mashed potatoes.

I also had a small packet of bacon bits that the children added which gave it a delicious smokey flavour. The veggies that went in were frozen peas and baby turnips and carrots from our garden.

They like to make swirls on the top of the mash before lightly grilling the top. Very yummy!

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