Saturday, July 31, 2010

I will endeavour to...

~I will endeavour to keep a happy outlook even though we got very sad news this week. My precious friend who was only leaving here temporarily to live on a farm 12 hours solid driving away, is now staying permanently. Can't say I blame them...what an awesome adventure for the family. But I am still very very sad for many reasons, besides my own loss.

~I will endeavour to learn something new in our little homestead this coming season. Broad beans were the winter learning curve, and I am thinking of improving my cheese making skills. I have only ever made cream cheese but am keen to try ricotta and mozarella.

~I will endeavour to help my granadilla vine become a healthier plant. Today, if I don't get blown away, I need to go and prune it. I also need to by shelf brackets and once these are mounted, extend wire between them so that the vine can grow outwards from the wall.

~I will endeavour to get back to soaking my own beans and chickpeas. Cans are so unnecessary, but oh so convenient.

~I will endeavour to get back into growing sprouts. These little powerhouses are so good for you and delicious on salads and in sandwiches. I have been reading "Food From Small Spaces" and it struck a chord with me (again). There is a nifty sprouter that I think will make a big difference in my kitchen at kitchen gardens.

~I will endeavour to perfect my crochet skills. After my first square, I kind of gave up. Knitting is so much easier for me.

~I will endeavour to make a permanent home for my asparagus plants which need a home now. They are tired of living in a trailer park :-) So my next point is...

~I will endeavour to convince Superman to put his woodwork skills to use and build me a raised box for them.

~I will lastly endeavour to find more growing spaces for small veggies like lettuces and other leafy veggies and am considering buying a couple of these growing stacks for my paved areas. This frees up my beds for this summer for long growing crops like tomatoes, corn, beans and squashes.


Cath said...

We will always love you guys. xx

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Wendy, Check out this amazing idea for extending your garden. A girlfriend and I have built two movable sets of these. But, I plan on doing one directly to the house.

Gutter gardening.

Dani said...

Wendy - I've got one of these and can tell you it works brilliantly (see )

We are already harvesting baby spinach, peas, parsley, sweet basil from it. My husband LOVES peas-in-the-pod which I couldn't find anywhere, so growing my own - logical conclusion. But I tried it in our beach sand of a garden with no success. In the Stack-a-Tub - brilliant. I'm going to harvest at least 80 pods in the next week.

I can highly recommend the stack-a-Tub.


Tracey said...

I'm new to your blog, interesting list of endeavors, looks like my wish list more than my to do's. Perhaps I should write them and make them to do's instead of wishful thinking then maybe they'll have more of a chance.