Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It was a dark and blustery night...

So, picture this....It was a dark and blustery night...round 9pm when supper is digested and your tummy could do with a little refill.

Superman and I are watching Jamie's American Road Trip and he is cooking Mexican. Now the saliva is starting to run...the stomachs are starting to growl...the tastebuds are yelling for satisfaction...but alas it's too late.

However this morning we had a Jamie inspired Mexican breakfast. He made something that was translated into: "Cute small fat little girls"...glopitas or somehthing like that! But they are basically fried small flour tortilla bread cake thingey majigeys....IYKWIM?

Served with scrambled eggs (thank you chickens), sweet pepper, chilli sauce, diced avo and fresh corainder.

Finally, tastebuds were satisfied.

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